Ben Hollander

Ben Hollander was portrayed by Billy Warlock.


Ben Hollander was a campaign manager.

In 2007, Jack Abbott decided to run for a Wisconsin State Senate seat. He promised a clean campaign against his opponent and former wife, Nikki Newman. He hired David Chow as his campaign manager then fired him for publishing dirt on Nikki in her movie Hot Hips. Ben was hired to take over the position. Nikki hired David and the two campaign managers began their battle for a better campaign. Phyllis Summers went to Jack's office and asked, "Do you hate me?" Although Phyllis said she never meant to hurt his campaign, Jack begged to differ! Suddenly, Ben joined them and demanded that Phyllis leave, "I don't want you anywhere near Jack!"

When Jack again met with Ben at Newman Enterprises, Ben showed Jack his new proposal. Although leery, Jack said, "Nikki Newman brought this on herself… Run it!" Ben began his own smear campaign. Ben stayed on as Jack's chief of staff after Jack won the election but Ben lost his job after Jack had to step down from his spot due to a scandal. Jack left in disgrace when his former step-mother Gloria Abbott Bardwell exposed him for falsifying his father's will that cut her out. Jack then named Ben as head of the John Abbott Memorial Foundation.

In 2008, Ben and Jack were conferring at the Abbott Mansion. Ben asked Jack what his plans were for the future. Jack retorted, "Gee dad, do I have to decide right now?" Ben urged him to write a book but Jack declined to journal the falling apart of his life. Sharon Newman came into the room and announced that she has a meeting regarding a new campaign with Brad Carlton! Jack nervously saw Sharon out the door. He then told Ben that he still had his fears about whether their marriage would survive. Ben assured Jack that Sharon must love him, after all he put her through, most women would have left!

Later that year, Ben left town. After Ben left, Jack asked Sharon to run the foundation.

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