Baldwin and Blair was a law firm in Genoa City.


Baldwin and Blair was a law firm founded by Michael Baldwin and Christine Blair.

In the fall of 2004, Lynne Bassett was out of a job when Paul Williams closed his private investigative practice when he teamed up and went to work as an investigator at the Baldwin and Blair law firm.

In 2005, Vinny was listening to JT Hellstrom and Nikki Newman's conversation through a bug he installed in Michael's office. Bobby Marsino called over to Michael's office to see if Nikki's car was still there. At the Newman ranch, Victor Newman, Bobby and JT figured out that Nikki's car was still in the parking garage of the office building where Baldwin and Blair was located. Although J.T. was the last person to see and talk to Nikki, he had no idea where she might be. Victor couldn't reach her on her cell phone, and he got more security in place at the ranch and said they were going to the law offices.

Paul was in the office when Brittany Hodges stopped by looking for J.T. Neither of them was aware that Nikki was missing or that Vinny Trabuco had bugged the office and was listening to their conversation. When J.T., Victor and Bobby arrived at his office, Paul found out that Vinny seemed to know that Bobby and Brittany had been pulling a scam and that Nikki might have information about it. Paul looked around the office, found Vinny's bug and destroyed it.


Employees and Roles

Former Employees and Roles

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