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Avery Clark
Jessica Collins 2
Jessica Collins as Avery Bailey Clark
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Jessica Collins
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2011-
First appearance July 27, 2011
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Summers
Full name Avery Bailey Summers
Gender Female
Occupation Attorney
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents George Summers (deceased)
Lydia Callahan
Siblings Phyllis Summers (sister)
Spouses Joe Clark (divorced)
Romances Dylan McAvoy
Nicholas Newman
Children Unnamed child
(son, with Dylan; miscarriage)
Nieces and nephews Daniel Romalotti
Summer Newman
Lucy Romalotti (great-niece)

Avery Bailey Clark (née Summers) is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jessica Collins.


Avery is Sharon Newman's new lawyer, hired by her ex-father-in-law, Victor Newman, who will represent her in her ongoing battle for being accused of murdering Skye Lockhart Newman. She is also the younger sister of Phyllis Summers. Avery is a lawyer that was hired by Victor Newman to help Sharon Newman get out of jail. Sharon was wrongfully convicted of murdering Skye Newman, but before she could be sentenced, her then-fiancee, Adam Newman, helped her escape. Sharon stayed in New Mexico until she was discovered there. She had a romance with a local veterinarian, Sam Gibson, while in New Mexico. When she returns to Genoa City, she is sentenced to 30 years in prison without parole. Victor hires Avery as Sharon's new lawyer to get her out of prison. She, as well as Sam, Sharon's son, Noah Newman and Victor, are Sharon's biggest supporters. Avery pretends to flirt with Adam, in order to figure out if he actually destroyed evidence that could clear Sharon's name. After their first "flirtation", however, Adam realizes who she is and starts to ignore her. Adam lets her know that he knows who she is. Avery finds out that Adam did in fact destroy the evidence because he wanted to see Sharon suffer. By blackmailing Spencer, the Genoa City District Attorney, Avery is able to create a new trial for Sharon, much to Adam's dismay. Her arrival in Genoa City also seems to disturb Phyllis Newman, as she recognizes Avery when she searches her on the Internet. The run into each other and it is discovered that she is Phyllis's younger sister. Adam Newman watches the exchange, but doesn't know their connection. Avery ended informing Sharon of her relationship to Phyllis, and Sharon worries that she cannot trust her.

Romance with NickEdit

In between taking on various cases, building her law practice in Genoa City, and reconnecting with Phyllis, Avery finds herself attracted to her former brother-in-law Nick Newman. However, because his relationship with her sister and him being the father of her niece Summer, Avery doesn't act on her attraction to Nick at first. However, she finds herself caving in when he first kisses her, but she soons realizes that he was just using her to get over Phyllis. Avery tries to focus on her career but can't seem to stop thinking about Nick. When his relationship with Phyllis ends for good, he and Avery get together and become a couple. They even get engaged. Things seem to go well until a former boyfriend of hers, Dylan McAvoy, comes to town, which shocks Avery because she thought that he was dead.

After learning what the connection between Avery and Dylan was (they had had an affair that ended her marriage), she reassures Nick that she loves him and wants to be only with him. Avery is saddened, however, when she sees Dylan with Chelsea Lawson because she still has feelings for him despite being with Nick. 

Nick and Avery face another problem when his ex-wife Sharon decides that she wants to be him again. Their wedding is interruoted when Avery goes to see Dylan, whose marriage to Chelsea has ended after he found that Nick's brother Adam is the father of Chelsea's son Connor. The wedding ends up cancelled, and Nick and Avery split up.

Avery later teams up with Adam and Chelsea when Connor is kidnapped by Dylan, who is experiencing a bout with post traumatic stress disorder, something that hehad been dealing with since his time in the military. Avery, Adam, and Chelsea find them at a cabin that she used to share with Dylan. Avery gently talks to Dylan and convinces him to let Connor go. Dylan does just and gives Connor back to Adam and Chelsea.

Currently, Avery and Dylan are dating. Together, she has been there to support Dylan during his dealings with Ian Ward and Nikki Newman, his biological parents. 



  • George Summers(father)
  • Lydia Callahan Summers (mother)



  • Unnamed child (son, with Dylan; miscarriage)




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