Phyllis and nick
Phyllis opens the door to Nick and tells him he should have called. Nick says he wants to see Summer. Phyllis tells him that she's sleeping over at Reed's. Phyllis then tells Nick she and Summer are leaving town for a week. They get into a fight when she tells him what she does is none of his business. Nick doesn't want Summer around Deacon Sharpe, and asks what she was thinking anyway. Phyllis sneers that he was hot, so who cares if someone got hurt, adding, "If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me, baby." Nick tells Phyllis she's angry at him, but she's the one throwing it away. Phyllis points out that she that she never had him! Nick protests that she fought for their marriage. Phyllis agrees, she wanted it, but all she got was sex and Sharon got the rest, and sometimes the sex. Nick feels he was just trying to protect Sharon, but Phyllis throws the humiliation back in his face. Nick says that her jealousy drove him away. Phyllis asks if he's going to blame her for his cheating. Nick sighs, and says right or wrong, it brought him Faith and he can't regret that. He tells Phyllis he will leave a note for Summer and moves to the door - he hopes they can find a way to get along. Phyllis sarcastically says she should be more like Sharon who is so great about these things. She loses her temper and yells about how wonderful and pure Sharon is/ Nick says she's acting crazy. Phyllis pushes him and says, "You did this to me!" And then throws several objects at his head. Nick shakes his head and leaves.

Victoria 1
Behind Gloworm, Victoria insists that Billy would never betray her. Victor points out that Billy was the only one who knew about the gun. Billy comes through the back door and Victor tells him his daughter wants him to leave. Billy protests, but Victoria says, "Stay away from me!" Billy wants to talk to her but she runs inside, and Victor accuses Billy of betraying her. Billy goes after her.

Adam tells Ashley that he doesn't want to upset her and starts to move out of her way, but Ashley says she has something to say to him. Sharon and Victor look on in the background as Ashley blames him for killing her child, making Sharon greive hers and making Justin an orphan. Adam insists it wasn't him as Skye appears at his side and tells Ashley it's sad that some people are born victims. Ashley retorts that some are born predators.

Kevin is upset that Jana has the nerve to ask for her life back after sleeping with his brother. He storms off and Chloe goes after him. Billy passes by looking for Victoria, and Tucker sits down with Ashley. He says that he's sorry she ran into Adam. Their discussion turns to Victor. Tucker says he's ready to go to the feds. Ashley can't go along with it. She says if he does it, they'll part company. Tucker decides to back off for now. They kiss.

Kevin is seated at a table with Chloe and Sharon. Jana watches them from the bar. When Chloe mentions Restless Style, Jill appears. Kevin comments that it's like she conjured her up, like Beetle Juice. Jill needles Sharon about Adam and Chloe whispers, "BeetleJill, BeetleJill, BeetleJill.". Kevin and Sharon seem amused. Victor spots Adam at the bar, and when Adam gloats about his lawyer, Victor tells him no one can save him from what he has coming to him. Jana approaches Chloe and asks if she's seeing Kevin. Kevin comes over and Chloe says that Jana is jealous. Jana thinks it's a good sign. Sharon sits down with Victor, who warns her not to get sucked back in by Adam. Sharon doesn't reply. Jill compliments Jeffrey on Gloworm at the bar, and he chuckles and tells Gloria that Jill is throwing herself at him. Jill gets annoyed, and joins Tucker when Ashley excuses herself from the table. Jill is glad that Tucker was able to use the information she provided and promises not to let her down with the private investigator. Jill doesn't look so sure.

Victoria 2
Out in the street, Victoria tells Billy that she thinks he told Ashley and Tucker about the antique gun. He tells her he loves her. Victoria snarls about how much that has done for them. She hops in a cab and leaves.

Phone call
Paul is in Crimson Lights when Patty calls his cell phone. She tells him she's fine, but they're never going to see each other again. Paul begs her to come back. Patty says that she misses him, but she's never coming back to Genoa City.

Jack and emily
Jack and Emily regard the Christmas tree in their living room, and Jack muses that it's impossible to recapture the past. Emily thinks they probably don't have a future. Jack says they can still have it all, but Emily can't fully trust him and can't let go of what happened. Emily tells him it's not easy for her to come to this conclusion. They hug. She goes upstairs and packs some things, then gives Jack his keys. Paul comes to the door and says he heard from Patty. He traced the call and she's somewhere in South America. Paul offers to check out the security in the pool house in case she comes back. Emily tells him she's leaving anyway, but not because of Patty. Paul says goodbye to her and leaves. Jack gives Emily a gift: an iceskating ornament. She gives it back to him to put on his tree each year as a memory of her. They hug, then she leaves.

At Restless Style, Billy leans over his laptop as he leaves a message for Victoria. He says he didn't do it, but he now knows who did. Jill walks in and he hangs up. He yells at his mother that she's fired, and refuses to listen to her explanation.

At Crimson Lights, Nick finds Victoria. He asks if she's alone or if she's with Billy. She turns to her brother and hugs him.

Back at Gloworm, Jana watches Kevin having fun with Chloe and breaks the glass she was holding, cutting her hand open. She looks at it wide eyed. At a nearby table, Victor talks to Sharon abut Adam's trial. Adam sits with Skye who tells him to forget Sharon. Gloria and Jeff toast the success of the opening behind the bar when the cops arrive. They want to shut her down due to the stripper in the champagne glass. Jeffrey thinks it's great: they'll be notorious.

A redheaded Patty is at a bar in South America with a man named Alejandro. Patty says it's a hard name to pronounce and asks to call him Jack. Alejandro asks what to call her. Patty says Mary Jane. We then see that she has a cat tattoo on her leg.

Sharon is standing in the alley way behind Gloworm. Adam comes out. He pulls her close and they kiss.


Chance tells two scary looking thugs in jail he's hurtin' and asks them to hook him up with something.

Skye sneers that Adam is still holding out hope that Sharon is going to come back to him.

Nick says "He let you think that your daughter was dead, are you going to let him get away with that?" to Sharon. Sharon looks unsure.


Sorry about the pictures. Half way through things they got all glitchy.

Anyone else wanna bet that Jana's gonna turn psycho? I think that when she looked at her bloody hand she was reminded of the time she killed Carmen. She'll probaly go after Chloe and then Kevin or Chance or Ronan will be forced to kill her.

That scene with Patty was so bittersweet. I thought it was sweet how she wanted to go back to her Jack and Mary Jane days, but I hate how she's gone at least for a few years. But how'd she get to South America in the first place? She doesn't need a passport?

The LOL moment of the day goes to Chloe trying to make Jill go away. "BeetleJill! BeetleJIll! BeetleJill!". Ha ha ha!

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