Captur 2
At the Abbott Mansion both Emily and Jack are on their phones working. They hang up and Jack suggests they go to the Gloworm opening. Emily has to go to the office and tells him to have fun for the both of them. Jack calls someone and tells them to get something out of storage for him. By the time Emily comes downstairs, Jack has a Christmas tree set up. They decorate it together but Emily keeps texting. They both take phone calls and Emily runs out of the room. Jack notices and mumbles to himself "Merry Christmas". When Emily comes back Jack tells her he's trying too hard. She says it was a lovely gesture. He guesses there is no undoing the past eight months. They don't know where they go from here.

Captur 1

Tucker and Ashley approach Victor at the Club about his monopoly. Victor says they have no proof. Tucker hands over a photo of the antique gun and an old box. Ashley says they saw Victoria hand the box over to the official. Victor feels they still don't have proof, and warns Tucker if he makes a public accusation he'll pay. Ashely informs Victor he's going to lose the monopoly, the only question is how much damage it will do to his company in the process. Victor leaves. Tucker and Ashley regroup, and he talks her into accompanying him to Gloworm.

Nina is working in the Chancellor living room when Jill comes in. She says she is covering the opening of Gloworm. Nina says that she's not going. Jill says she should- it will be all kinds of wrong.

Captur 3
Paul and Christine arrive at Gloworm. Lauren comes in and joins Michael, who fills her in on Gloria's antics and the toward the awkwardness that is Skye, Adam, and Sharon. Adam can't keep his eyes off of Sharon. Nick joins Sharon. He asks if she wants to leave and she says no. Chloe and Kevin come in and Kevin tells his mother the place looks amazing.Daniel appears and everyone wonders where Abby is at. Daniel says she probaly won't come. Billy and Vicctoria are the next to arrive. She's worried about them being out together in public. Adam and Skye come over and they make snarky remarks to each other. Victoria raises a toast to hoping that Adam is going to jail tomorrow and calls him a disgusting murderer. Jill makes her way in and Gloria spots her. She warns Jill if she does a slam piece on her she'll rip her face off. Jill muses that she's pleasantly surprised so far. Jill spots Lauren, who is sitting with Paul and Christine, and heads over to exchange words with her half sister. She then asks Paul to help Chance.

Captur 8

Abby walks into Gloworm and gets plenty of attention. Gloria returns the sentiment and offers Gloworm for use when Abby is ready to celebrate her reality show. Skye gets close to Sharon at the bar and hisses that she knows there is more to the story of her shooting her husband. Chloe, Kevin, and Daniel toast to Abby, and Jana walks in. Daniel goes over to Abby at the bar, and she tells him about Jack helping her. She adds that no one can know. Jill, meanwhile, corners Billy about how serious things are with Victoria. Billy puts her off and walks away as Lauren comes up. She and Jill have another fight. Chloe and Kevin are fooling around when Jana appears beside them and says she came to support Gloria. They let her know that she's spoiling their fun and she sadly leaves.

Captur 4
Paul and Christine are alone at the grand opening party, and he notes how difficult it is to lie to Nina. He then toasts to their anniversary, which would have been tomorrow. They discuss their wedding and wonder how it all went wrong. Nearby, Adam breaks in between Sharon and Skye's arguement. Skye walks away and Adam tells Sharon she looks beautiful. She snaps at him for commenting on her appearance, but when he flinches in pain she touches his arm and asks if he's okay.

Captur 9
On the dance floor, Abby is drunk and trying to get Jeffrey, to dance with her. Daniel ends up picking her up off the floor, as Vikki and Billy approach and suggest it's time for her to go home. Abby slurs that they only help her when the cameras are on, and they leave. Billy goes over to chide Chloe about hanging around with Kevin. She says Kevin's been great to her. Chloe asks about his grand entrance with Victoria, and he says they're just hanging out.

Captur 7
Billy rejoins Victoria just as Victor arrives. They joke about how nuts they are about each other and kiss. Victor looks at them grimly. He snaps at Victoria that she is making a spectacle of herself. Victor goes to Nick and Michael, and they step out the back to talk to about Tucker and Ashley's knowledge of the Japanese bribery. Michael warns they aren't in a strong position. Nick notes that Victoria has already had trouble with the SEC, if this gets out she'll be screwed! Victoria comes out and asks what's going on. Victor says there is no way Tucker found out about the gun except from Billy. Victoria looks crushed.

Captur 5
Back on the dance floor, Abby is doing a striptease and lowers herself into a giant glass of champagne. Ashley walks in with Tucker and gasps! Abby says. "Oh, hi Mom." Abby is soon removed from the glass, and has a brief exchange with Ashley before Daniel takes her home. Kevin asks Chloe why she hasn't been in a giant champagne glass before, but Jana interrupts. She wants to talk to him and Chloe leaves. Jana tells Kevin she made a mistake with Ryder, and she wants her life back. Jill is speaking to a reporter nearby and Lauren gets involved, asking her to keep this issue between them. Michael takes Lauren out the door, and Nick decides to go too. He offers Sharon a ride, but she wants to stay. Billy tries to cheer Ashley up after the Abby debacle, and she heads off to find Tucker. She runs straight into Adam, who says, "Long time no see, Ash."

Captur 6
Paul and Christine are outside saying goodnight and they hug. The hug turns into a passionate kiss. Nina walks up and sees the kiss, and runs off. Christine pulls away and they awkwardly apologize and say goodbye.


Skye tells Ashley that some people are just born victims. Ashley snarls that some people are just born predators.

Billy tells Victoria to come with him and talk. She tells him to stay away from her.

Victor warns Sharon about getting sucked back in.


I'm trying something new with the pictures, since the other ones are such low quality. Here's hoping they work out!

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