Flashback 1
Nikki finds Victor brooding about Adam's hearing. He asks what kind of father wishes for his son to go to trial. He tells her how worried he and Hope were about Adam being blind, and how relieved they were that he was born perfectly healthy. Victor remembers Hope deciding that she would raise their child on the farm. Nikki thought it was extreme to keep Victor from his son, but Victor says he never resented Hope for it. Victor says he didn't dream that he would finally come together with his son because Hope was dying. Victor tells Nikki about Hope passing away and telling Adam the truth about him being his biological father. He says Hope's last words were, "Take care of each other." Victor then recalls reaching out to Adam as he struggled to deal with Hope's passing. Nikki and Victor think back to when Adam showed up in Genoa City. Victor feels he ignored signs of why Adam came. They then talk about Victoria and Nick's reaction to Adam. Nikki says Adam's true colors began to show when Victor went missing in Mexico. Victor remembers how Adam took over at Newman Enterprises and fired Neil and Victoria. They talk about how Adam joined forces with Jack after Victor fired him. Victor talks about Adam being in jail and learning he was going blind. He muses that he thought Adam appreciated him getting him out of prison. Nikki tells him Adam fooled a lot of people. Victor agrees, and talk turns to his rivalry with Nicholas. Nikki is just glad they figured out all the things he did. Victor says that he could still have forgiven him, even then, if he'd come clean. Victor recalls how he kept denying everything. Victor feels that only a man without a soul could have done what Adam did. The phone rings - court is reconvening.

In the courtroom, Adam and Vance stand as the judge speaks. Richard Hightower's sister and son, Justin, are in the back, and the Abbotts and Newmans are present, as well as Heather and Rafe. The judge explains why none of the testimony against Adam was valid. She says that the district attorney has not made his case, she cannot offer Justin any justice, and dismisses the charges.

Jack and Victor blame Owen. Owen says it's not his fault he had horrible witnesses and then walks away. Victor tells Jack to spread the word that he wants everyone to meet at the Ranch. Skye and Adam thank Vance, and Justin runs over to Adam and yells, "Why did you kill my father?! What did he ever do to you?!" His aunt tells him not to talk to Adam. Nicholas tells Sharon he appreciates her testifying. She says it wasn't enough. Victor tells Justin he grew up without a father. He offers to help him financially. His aunt is appreciative. They make their way over to Ashley. Adam walks over and announces to everyone that if they have anything to say to him, he can take whatever they've got. They all walk away.

Everyone gathers at the Ranch. Victor knows they have feelings of wanting to lash out at Adam, but he urges them to do the opposite. He explains that if they allow him to goad him into those types of displays, he wins. Victor asks everyone to ignore him as though he never existed. Victor says the crimes he has committed will weigh heavily on Adam for the rest of his life and he'll never be a free man.

Skye wonders why Adam is in a bad mood. He says she wouldn't understand, and suggests maybe it's time to rethink things. Skye informs him he's not backing out of their arrangement and angrily leaves to get champagne. Adam thinks back to leaving the farm, and Hope telling him he's a good man.


Nikki cries "I can't believe Adam is suing us!"

Skye tells Adam he won, so why can't he walk away?

Nick asks Sharon and Faith to move in with him.


Happy Friday the 13th. This episode awful. I can't believe 3/4 of the episode was Adam's history. Adam only came to town a few years ago. I'm sure most people are aware of it.

Ha ha, MAB, budget cuts. That's always her excuse for every little thing wrong with the show. Well, it would save money using the actual footage in flashbacks instead of remaking them. Seriously. Did anyone else go "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" when NuHeather and NuAdam were kissing on the couch?

Speaking of Heather, isn't her bodyguard supposed to be with her at all times? Ronan or any other cop for that matter is no where in sight.

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