Paul stops over to the Chancellor Estate to see Nina. Nina tells him that she's scared for his life. Paul bets Chance isn't the only son she's thinking about. Nina is surprised Paul remembers it's her first son's birthday. They discuss Rose and the baby. Paul reassures her, and jokes that her son is likely smart and opinionated like her. Nina smiles. Paul then says that his kiss with Christine was about the past and he really hopes she understands that.

Christine is with Ronan at Crimson Lights and mentions that it's his birthday. He tells her not to let her tell anyone. Christine admits she hates lying to Nina. Ronan says he doesn't consider Nina his mother. Christine comments on how heartless he sounds. Heather comes in and she is very worried about Chance. Ronan agrees she should be. Heather thinks they should tell Chance the truth about Ronan's investigation. Ronan disagrees. Christine suggests they wait. Heather says she is going to see him. Ronan asks Christine if Heather can be trusted. Christine notes how difficult this all is, including keeping the truth from Nina.

Chloe is visiting Chance. He tells her he has to do his time. She goes on and on about how he would never do drugs when he pulls some cocaine out of his sock. Chloe is stunned that he would do something so horrible. He says of course he isn't, it is the evidence he's looking for to break this case wide open. Chloe says he's going to get himself killed.

In her room at the Club, Sofia fights with Malcolm about what type of house they are going to buy. She wants a luxury condo and he wants a house with a yard and garage to use as a studio. He asks if they are sure they even want to do this. Sofia can't have that conversation - Tucker keeps texting her every three seconds. She leaves.

Tucker is with Neil discussing a positive article about Newman Enterprises. Tucker shares the news about the bribery. Sofia arrives as Neil says a bribe indicates there are high stakes, and adds, "The rumors are true. You're trying to take Beauty of Nature away from Victor." Neil muses that Tucker would have the biggest cosmetics firm on the planet if successful. He warns that if Tucker's serious about this undertaking, he should be prepared for war. Sofia points out that Neil's knowledge of how Victor operates could help them, but Neil wants no part of it. They start arguing. Malcolm comes into the room and takes Sofia aside. She argues for the condo. Malcolm capitulates and phones the realtor about it.

Michael is at the Ranch with Victor discussing what to do if the bribe comes out. Meggie and Nikki come in discussing the attack. Victor asks what's going on. Meggie explains that Nikki saved her when Shaw attacked her at Crimson Lights. Meggie apologizes for taking advantage of him and says she'll get a job to pay him back. Victor worries that Shaw's friends will come after her. Meggie leaves the room and Victor tells Nikki he is thankful nothing happened to her. Nikki says she'll hire Meggie as her assistant. Michael steps in and tells Victor they have a meeting at the Club. He kisses Nikki and leaves. Meggie comes down with clothes to return to Fenmore's, but Nikki tells her not to - she'll need them as her personal assistant. Nikki puts her to work immediately. Meggie gets back to her with some good results, and says she wasn't always a bartender. Nikki tells her that this should work out just fine.

Ronan and Sid are in the van doing surveillance. They discuss Heather getting away from Sid. He wonders how Chance knew how to come help her. He thinks back to his discussion with the inmate about Chance then tells Ronan they need to keep a close eye on him.

Ronan talks Chloe in Crimson Lights. Ronan tells her Chance is in deeper than he thought. He wants Chloe to go back, and this time to bring him Chance's drugs. Chloe refuses, but Ronan says he's desperate.

Chance is called to meet with Heather, and two inmates who sold him drugs run into his cell and replace the light bulb with a bulb containing gasoline so it would explode and Heather, meanwhile, asks Chance for the packet. They clasp hands until the guard says, "No physical contact." Chance puts it in her hand. Chance returns to his room and is about to screw in the light bulb when a guard tells him he's sprung, but he refuses to go. The guard calls for back up. Chloe comes in and asks Heather if she could stay away. Heather tells her she has bigger things to worry about. They hear an explosion. Chance emerges coughing and Heather throws herself into his arms. Chloe looks devastated and walks away. Chance watches her go.

Victor and Michael walk into the Club with the Chief Justice. Neil tells Tucker that it looks like Victor is trying to end the war before it even begins. Victor tells the official that the antique gun could be misconstrued as a bribe, but it was actually a gift to an old friend. Sofia tells Neil they could be successful if he would help. Victor makes his way over to the table. He tells Tucker the Department of Justice was very understanding about his gift. Tucker says it doesn't mean he won't take Beauty of Nature.

Christine comes to the Chancellor Estate and tells Nina and Paul that there was an explosion in Chance's cellblock. Nina dissolves into tears. Chance and Heather burst in. Nina hugs Chance. She can't believe she almost lost her son on her other son's birthday. Paul explains that he is trying to find her son but it's a difficult case. He promises not to give up. Christine comes in with three cup cakes, one with a candle in it. Nina cries that she's such a good friend.

Chance calls Chloe, and asks her to come over. Chloe says she's at Jimmy's and if he wants to see her he'd come to Jimmy's. Chance doesn't want to leave Nina on her other son's birthday. Chance and Heather discuss the drugs. Chance wants to break back into the jail, but Heather thinks they should get Owen on board.

At Jimmy's, Chloe is with Ronan. She says she didn't get the drugs, and tells him how Chance wound up in Heather's arms. She notices Ronan's driver's license and notes that it's his birthday. Ronan says he doesn't do birthdays. Chloe says it's weird because... "Because why?" asks the suspicious Ronan. "Because it's so close to my birthday," squeaks Chloe.

In the van, Pomerantz listens as Sid Meeks says they have a problem - Chancellor was released. Owen says he wants them to do what he already ordered, but do it right.


Hope says to Adam, who seems to be going to college, "You are a good man, and I know you will make me very proud."

Skye tells Adam they have an arrangement, and he's not backing out of it.

The judge reconvenes Adam's hearing.


Sorry about the obvious lack of pictures. I'm tired because my family and I went to a carnival. Plus, the little one is crying because she thinks she's going to puke so I'm not really in the mood for the stress of getting pictures (plus my good source has failed me again. If it didn't you would have pictures).

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