Sharon waits on the stand as Adam tells Vance that he is not to wipe the floor with her or else he's fired. Skye reminds Adam about prison, but he sticks to his guns. Vance tells the court he has no questions at this time. Nick whispers to Victor that Adam promised Sharon his lawyer wouldn't hurt her. Nick sniffs that he wants to ingratiate himself. Abby asks Jack and Traci why Vance didn't question Sharon. Billy says it's probably classic Beauty and the Beast. Jack thinks Sharon is the only one who will get off easy.

In the corridor of the courthouse, Ashley tries to get Tucker to leave because she is worried about what he'll think about her history. He insists that he wants to stay and support her. She is called in. Victor and Sharon step out and Victor tells her she should be proud. Sharon informs him she's not in the mood for celebrating, as her testimony brought up a lot of old feelings. Victor muses that he had high hopes for Adam once, but he's been vicious. Sharon says especially to the ones who cared about him.

Victoria is approached by Jill at the club. Jill informs Victoria that Billy fired her. Victoria asks why and Jill explains that she was the one who tipped Tucker off to the bribe. Victoria says she has no idea what she's talking about. Jill tells her she can play it that way, but she should know that Billy shut her down completely when she asked questions, and she found the photo under her own steam. Victoria wonders why she's telling her. Jill says she doesn't want her to blame Billy since he seems to really care about her. Victoria looks guilty.

Ashley testifies about how Adam gas lighted her. She describes the night of her miscarriage. Vance cross-examines her and raises her past history with the abortion and being institutionalized. He brings up the time she insisted an empty baby blanket was her son, Robert. Ashley is forced to admit it happened, and that she has been in a sanitarium four times. He suggests that she simply made Adam a scapegoat after the truth about the hysterical pregnancy came out. When Ashley is in tears, he finishes by pointing out she has no physical evidence that Adam did any of the things she claimed.

Out in the corridor, the Abbotts rehash the way Vance badgered Ashley. Abby comes out, seething that she wants to kill Vance. She hugs her mother. Ashley and Traci leave, and Ashley asks her sister if she noticed Tucker leave. Billy comes out. Sharon tells him she wanted to say how sorry she was but decided Ashley didn't want to hear it from her. Billy says it was probably good idea, as Sharon got away unscratched. He tells her it's the upside to having a psychopath in love with you. They wander back into the courtroom, and Jack assures Nick that Sharon won't get back together with Adam.

Tucker meets with Jill at his office. She tells him how much work she put in and her son now hates her, and warns him to keep his end of the bargain. He assures her he always keeps his word, but she cries, "No you don't! You'd better not screw me over!" Tucker calls his private investigator and tells him that a woman named Jill Abbott Fenmore will be in touch, and he should help her on his dime. Ashley comes in, and Jill asks how it went. Ashley says they raked her over pretty good. Jill hopes Adam rots in prison for what he did to her. Ashley thanks her as Jill leaves. Once alone, Ashley tells Tucker that Abrams made her look like a complete wacko and she's concerned about how this might reflect on Jabot. She offers to step down. Tucker won't hear of it. He also tells her he respects her more after hearing the things in the courtroom. He says he only left to give her a little space with her family. They kiss.

Back in the courtroom, Vance is questioning Abby. He asks if this is a publicity stunt and when she says no, he pulls out a poster of her naked on a horse. Jack is next. Vance points out he worked with Adam to frame Victor for murder and got him sent to jail. Next is Victor. Vance says he denied getting her help. Last is Nick, but Vance says he always had it out for Adam, Victor whispers to Abby that Adam found a lawyer as contemptible as he is. Vance tells the judge that everyone who has taken the stand has an ulterior motive where Adam is concerned. Pomerantz insists to the court that all of the witnesses are pillars of the community and Adam should go to trial. Court is adjourned and Jack invites Billy to stop by later to band around Ashley. Victor tells Nick he hopes the judge has the good sense to see through this nonsense. Adam tells Victor he thinks it went pretty well. Victor warns him all the smokescreens in the world won't hide what he's done.

Nick finds Sharon in the corridor and asks her why Adam's lawyer didn't go after her. he asks if she promised Adam something? Sharon is outraged, and wonders if Nick thinks she promised to sleep with him or something. She tells him she testified like she said she would, so what is his problem? Victor and Jack come upon them arguing. They both tell Nick he needs to stop. Nick asks them what they are going to do if Adam walks.

Sharon makes her way into the courtroom where Skye and Adam are talking. She tells Adam her testimony was very damaging and he could have ordered his lawyer to discredit her, but he kept his word. She thanks him and quickly leaves.

Victoria goes to Restless Style to find Billy, but he's not there. She says she'll wait. He soon arrives and sees that Victoria is waiting there for him. She tells him they have unfinished business. She asks how court went, but he snaps that she can read about it online. Victoria criticizes him giving Adam any more publicity. He tells her that Ashley was torn apart at the stand and he wants the truth to come out. Victoria sneers that publicity will make it worse and he just wants to sell his little magazine. Billy tells her to walk out the little door. Victoria tells him that Jill admitted the truth. She says she is sorry she doubted him. They fight about her listening to Victor. Billy is upset that she obviously didn't believe him when he said he loved her and wouldn't hurt her. She says she should probably go, then walks out.

Abby and Traci arrive at the Abbott Mansion and look for Ashley. They wonder if she went to the office. Abby and Traci snuggle on the couch. Abby says she wants to help her mom. Traci tells her to remind her parents how much she loves them.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jill calls Tucker's private investigator. She tells him he has no idea what she's gone through to get his help.


Nina cries to the teary Paul that things would be so different if Chance's brother hadn't been kidnapped.

Christine tells Ronan he's so good at pretending to be a jerk, she almost believes he's as heartless as he sounds.

Neil tells Tucker that if he's serious about this undertaking, he should be prepared for all out war.


Sorry it took son long. My source for the pictures failed me so I had to turn to the one that takes forever and is much, much more frustrating.

LOL moment of the day goes to Abby. "I don't know much about Adam except he's a perv." Yes, because people who strip in public more often then they change their socks aren't.

I also thought it was funny when Vance pulled out the poster of Abby. Although I don't know what that proved.

Speaking of proof, I went "huh" when Vance said Ashley had no evidence against Adam. Funny, because Adam's laptop was full of evidence.

Why wasn't Estella brought in to testify? Or Rafe? Or Heather?

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