Arthur Hendricks
Arthur Hendricks
David Hedison as Arthur Hendricks
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by David Hedison
First appearance January 20, 2004
Last appearance November 29, 2004
Cause/reason Left Town
Occupation Former Judge
Spouses Katherine Chancellor (2004; divorced)
Eleanor Hendricks (dissolved)
Children Tucker McCall
Grandchildren Devon Hamilton

Arthur Hendricks was portrayed by David Hedison.


Judge Arthur Hendricks was best friends and golfing buddies with Gary Reynolds. While Gary was working in Europe, Arthur had an affair with Gary's wife Katherine Chancellor. Their union resulted in a baby whom Katherine gave up for adoption because she didn't want her husband finding out about her affair.

Several years later, Katherine married Phillip and remained living in Genoa City. In early 2004, Arthur came to Genoa City to visit Kay. Jill Foster Abbott hoped Arthur would find a way to give Katherine hope for life, since she was very depressed during that time. Arthur moved into the mansion. Arthur, along with several other family members, participated in an intervention to stop Kay from drinking anymore.

Arthur and Kay became closer again after all those years and he had planned to propose to her. Unfortunately his stepson, Harrison Bartlett, came into town claiming that Arthur had killed his mother, Eleanor Hendricks, to get his hands on her fortune. Arthur investigated the case with Jill but was never charged. Jill and Kay confronted Arthur about his stepson. Arthur didn't want to go into it, just saying that Harrison had a big hand in ruining his life. Kay decided to trust Arthur and marry him, but he wasn't able to handle the suspicious minds. He decided to leave town, which prompted yet another feud between Kay and Jill.

It later came out that Arthur and Katherine's baby was actually a boy and his name was Tucker McCall.