Ana Hamilton
Jamia Simone Nash as Ana Hamilton
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Jamia Simone Nash
Current status Former, recurring
Duration 2008–09, 2011, 2012
First appearance June 25, 2008
Last appearance June 29, 2012
Created by Maria Arena Bell
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family The Hamilton Family
Full name Anastasia Hamilton
Nickname(s) Ana
Gender Female
Occupation Student, Singer
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Parents Yolanda Hamilton
Tyra Hamilton (legal)
Siblings Devon Hamilton
Aunts and uncles Tyra Hamilton (adoptive)
Virginia Hamilton (great-aunt)

Anastasia "Ana" Hamilton is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Jamia Siomone Nash.


When Tyra Hamilton was a child, her older sister, Yolanda Hamilton, became a crack addict. When Tyra was six, Yolanda gave birth to a baby boy named Devon Hamilton, who was raised by his grandmother. When Tyra was 15 years old, Yolanda had a second child, a little girl named Anastasia "Ana" Hamilton. Tyra took little Ana intending to raise her as her own.

After the death of his grandmother, Devon was adopted by the wealthy Winters family: Neil Winters, Drucilla Winters and Lily Winters. On his 21st birthday, Tyra and 12-year-old Ana came to town. Neil was suspisious of Tyra, but wanted Devon to get to know his real family.

Ana showed off a talent for singing and Katherine Chancellor thought of sending her to a music school in New Hampsire. Tyra feared that it would come out that Ana wasn't her daughter, but after some persuading by Tyra's friends, Tyra and Ana finally went to New Hampsire. However, they returned a few months later, as New Hampsire didn't really work out.

After being spotted on a missing persons report from Yolanda, Ana was taken into foster care. Neil and his girlfriend, Karen Taylor, got married so they could be foster parents to Ana. Tyra was crushed because she could hardly see her anymore. Karen became so attached to Ana that she wanted to adopt her, much to Tyra's horror. Tyra took Ana and attempted to flee Genoa City, but Neil found them after being tipped off by Ana on the phone. Neil covered for Tyra so she wouldn't get in trouble.

At Ana's custody hearing, Neil turned against Karen and told the judge that Tyra should have custody of Ana because she had raised her so well. Karen dumped him and Ana is now in Tyra's custody. Not too long after, it was revealed that Tyra was adopted and that she really wasn't a Hamilton.

After an affair with Devon, Tyra and Ana left town.