Alistair Wallingford (also called Al) is portrayed by Jerry Douglas.


Alistair Wallingford was a down-on-his-luck actor who happened to be a look-a-like of the late John Abbott.

In 2008, John's son, Jack Abbott, and his wife, Sharon Abbott, met Alistair. They (and Gloria Abbott Bardwell's new husband, Jeffrey Bardwell) hired him to play John's ghost in a plot to evict John's manipulative widow, Gloria, from the Abbott mansion. With some new clothes and a haircut, Al was the spitting image of John! At first, the plan seemed to frighten Glo, but things went awry when Alistair fell for her. Alistair enjoyed his beer and wine and was usually drunk causing problems with Jack and Sharon's plans. They finally fired him and tried to keep him hidden away in a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, but he escaped and returned to the Abbott mansion to pursue Gloria.

When he entered the house, Lauren Fenmore was about to walk down the stairs when she saw him and, thinking he was John, fainted and fell down the stairs. The ruse was uncovered. A defeated Jack agreed to give Glo the mansion, but in an effort to reverse her bad karma, Gloria let him stay.

Alistair later ran into Katherine Chancellor at Crimson Lights. She was surprised at how much Alistair looked like John. She then saw Alistair near her house and invited him inside where she learned more about him. Jill Abbott was also shocked when she first saw Alistair. The two women later learned more about Jack's plot against Gloria, and the fact that Alistair had fallen in love with Gloria. Eventually, Jack and Sharon decided that it was time to be rid of Alistair. The Abbotts made a $50,000 donation to a struggling, Alaskan theater group in exchange for Alistair being cast in both their summer and fall productions (the latter being the role of "Felix" in The Odd Couple). Before he left, however, Alistair insisted on saying goodbye to Gloria.