Alexander Thomas was never portrayed on screen.


Alexander Thomas was the cultural minister of Yugoslavia.

Alexander wanted a Simon Griffin painting that Tucker McCall had in his art collection. Tucker gave it to Alexander and it was prominently displayed in his office as part of his art collection. Tucker paid off Alexander with the painting worth millions to promote the band which 25 years ago launched Tucker's career. If the authorities found out, that would be all they needed to open up an investigation into every deal Tucker had ever made and then they could shut him down. Katherine Chancellor was trying to get something on Tucker so she could get her ownership of Chancellor Industries back from him. She discovered that Tucker paid off Alexander with the painting.

She confronted Tucker. Kay told him she had done her research into Alexander who was born into a very wealthy aristocratic family, was cultural minister to Yugoslavia and was the person to whom tucker gave a very valuable painting. Tucker corrected Kay that he had loaned the painting to Thomas. “Well when you have it removed from your insurance policy and he added it to his, the insurance company considers him the painting’s owner despite there being no record of the sale,” Kay smiled. Tucker tried a new approach: it was because of the Iron Curtain. “The Department of Justice calls gifts given to officials for favors certified international corporate bribery,” Kay smiled. and threatened to ruin him with a charge of international corporate bribery.

Seconds later, she said she wouldn't tell anyone about this gobbledy-gook but she would be watching him and backed off. When Tucker realized that Kay had given up the chance to get Chancellor back, he stopped the pending sales of other Chancellor assets and made a deal with Kay to buy enough shares to be equal partners in Chancellor. Kay and Tucker got close, and Kay talked him into selling her 51%. Jill Abbott got jealous. She and Billy Abbott wrote a story for Restless Style to expose Tucker for paying off Alexander. Tucker thought they had all tricked him, and prepared to sell all the Chancellor assets within the thirty days before the sale closed.

Kay swore Jill had acted alone and Jill confirmed it, and later Tucker made a substantial donation to Kay’s annual charity ball which benefited the homeless.

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