Y&R Adam & Chelsea Penthouse1

Adam and Chelsea in their penthouse.

The Newman Penthouse is located at 1500 Market Street. in Genoa City, Wisconsin. It is the home of Adam Newman, his wife Chelsea Newman, and their son Connor Newman.

Adam Newman was living alone at the penthouse, after the first time his marriage to Chelsea went sour and ended. Later after Connor is born and the truth about his paternity came out, Adam planned to take the baby from her; however as Chelsea would not let that happen Adam then insisted that she and the baby move in with him.

Y&R Adam & Chelsea Penthouse2

It was while living together at the penthouse that their romance reignited. The pair soon made plans to remarry and move to Paris; however Adam was hiding a secret that he was the one who accidentally hit Delia Abbott resulting in her death. After the accident Chelsea was living in the house alone with Connor, and was frequently visited by Billy Abbott.

Some other memorable events that happened here are:Chloe Mitchell kidnapping Connor from the penthouse, and trying to leave the country with him., after the accident Adam was secretly watching what was going on from cameras he had hidden in Connor's room so he could monitor his family, Adam recorded his confession and burned Delia's scarf, Adam and Chelsea had many arguments, fights, family time, and romantic times while living here, and Adam tried to kidnap Connor but soon returned with him.

Chelsea was living alone at their home with Connor, due to Adam being in the hospital, and being sentenced to 10 years in prison for Delia's death. However recently, Adam was released from prison and sentenced to probation with the understanding that if he so much as jay walks then he will be given no more chances and will be back in prison. Since Adam's recent death, Chelsea is currently living at the penthouse with their son Connor.

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